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02-09-2010, 03:34 AM
Originally Posted by Lugh View Post
Um no...everyone cannot agree here. If you don't like flying a sailing stone DON'T ...

Kind of like not listening to radio that offends you...

OMG I Don't like slow turning craft...

Um so don't pilot the slow turning stuff...
This made me laugh, and was spot on also. For everyday PVP I think the Carrier isn't ideal for. But for some other endgame content like these raids I been hearing about. One can only assume the thing will rock at. I think it will be highly useful in large scale fleet action tho. Thats what capital ships are for anyways.

T5 is pretty much untested for the most part. And unfinished. Let's wait for a bit, and let them add some more content, and tweak things some more. Then talk again about how Carriers are. I must admit the thing looks awesome if nothing else, lol.