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02-09-2010, 04:03 AM
Originally Posted by Chaktak
After seeing all the typical "I'm cancelling my account, and why" threads you see on these forums. Which is fairly typical of just about every MMO a few weeks after release. I'd felt the urge to make this thread which instead of trying to get attention about being a sourpuss. Maybe we can get some good stuff here on the forums instead, in this sea of whine, and negativity.

The question is simple.

What about STO have you found you like the best? Why is it you like this game?

For me, I find the PVP fun as hell, and very addictive. And with the promises of more content heading our way in the near future, I have high hopes we here are in a future epic title as it takes it's first baby steps. Something about this game makes me think this could be a long ride.
Well I used to play wow for 2 and a half years but quite when they put up level 80 and I realized i would have to do the whole level/gear brind all over again and I was like screw it I want something new. I have tried out warhammer online. I got myself a level 25 ork. I think that game is fun and well put together, but honestly I think wow does the pvp better; however warhammer does make pvp like pve and put in other aspects such as you have to use battering rams to take keeps and can use burning oil to defend keeps which is inovative.

I dropped warhammer for sto online because I'm a star trek nerd and love all the shows. I think the graphics in the game can be really good such as in space stations, or looking at planets. Other times its not as good such as looking at small asteriods or ships. I like the ground pvp the most in the game much more than the ship pvp which I really don't like much at all. However, the ground pvp targeting system could use alot of improvment because it gets really anoying facing walls and beening turned in the wrong direction all the time.

I am more than happy to be in the star trek world. Thats what I like about the game the most. I would really like the game to have more story in it. For example all missions involve either scanning something or fighting somthing thats it. If its a story mission you scan more things and kill more things. One of the things that makes star trek fun is the idea of discovery and seeking out new life, not scanning things and killing things.