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02-09-2010, 05:27 AM
Well realistically the technology of course would exist where the 2 factions can talk to one another on open frequencies...
Wait...that word...OPEN FREQUENCIES.
I very seriously doubt either faction would be using OPEN FREQUENCIES during conflict!!!!
So while I agree there should be an OPEN FREQUENCY, that players from any and all factions might use to speak, there should also be a FACTION ONLY channel to use as well, ie for the Klingons..KLINGON ONLY, for the Federation, FEDERATION ONLY etc etc.
Making an extra chat channel that is keyed to the faction the character is in CAN'T be that hard.
And it would make sence for military operation, not to mention make pvp SOOOO much nicer to be able to simply switch to Faction chat and still be able to taunt our foes in open chat lol