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02-09-2010, 06:30 AM
Originally Posted by murphymuffin View Post
In T2 it feels like the BOP is much more fragile compared to the raptor.
Not really,
Sure it cant take the sustained beating the raptor can (which is by no means a lot to begin with) but it doesnt have to. When I start to get focussed on in my BOP, I hit Evasive manuevers, engine battery, start tapping my rear shield and battle cloak and poof..gone , wait 5-10 secs and turn back into a ship that has now turned away and bam open fire again.
What this is translating to is a greater rate of survivability. Sure the raptor can take more damage, but it cant survive as well as the BOP, which makes the more hull kind of irrelevant doesnt it. I mean if the BOP can sustain its life more than the Raptor, then isnt that the bottom line?

Someone posted on another thread that it was better to have a few raptors in with a few BOP's and that the BOP's alone without Raptors wouldnt fight as well. Thats simply not what I am seeing out there at least in Tier 2. What I am seeing is BOP's are ruling in every category and do fine without any raptors present. Now I know the stats may not seem to support this, but it is what I am seeing.