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02-09-2010, 06:59 AM
the raptor is a great but knowing how to use it is they key like any ship. Going in head first ahead of your tanks or bops is liable to get you killed without any hassle. Let the Cruisers and Bops attack first, and help them mop up the rest, you will stay alive longer that way, which means more dmg for you.

The biggest problem with the raptor is people feel that it is not useful, outside of the T5 bride officer issue, the raptor is very useful, but people favor the battle cloak and universal bridge officers. Klingon while more organized in many cases then the feds, are also more self oriented so you see less people healing each other, and more people healing themselves. Without the support of other ships, the raptor doesn't have the same survivability as the BOP. We just need to support our raptor pilots more.