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02-09-2010, 06:18 AM
I've ran a Raptor setup from t2-t5. The ship itself isn't horrible, the only real issue is the BoP's turn rate being greater. There was ONE fight from t2-t5 that I remember saying to a friend.. I wish I had Battle Cloak right there. So no, battle cloak isn't worth **** if you're doing your job right. Out of the possibility of ship combinations though, t4 was the only tier where the Raptor really had any sort of advantage over a BoP.

I generally run Jam sensors 1, Sci Team 2, Eng team 1, Extend Shields 1 or RSP 1 depending on the group setup. I didn't have an issue with survivability till t5, and even then I'm stacking Flow Regulators, can punch power to engines and get the hell out of dodge in under 4 seconds.

My issue with ships on the klingon side is our god damned swiss army knife BoP.. whose idea was that.