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Who: Any and all STO RPers, new and experienced!

Where: Deep Space Nine - Quarks Bar - 8PM CST - Instance info TBD

What: Gathering to meet fellow RPers, meet and greet other new Starfleet officers and discuss the latest current events and experiences! Celebrate new promotions! Toast fallen comrades! Kick back and relax and get to know other STO players! Last week we had to have 2 instances due to the incredible showing!

I will be active in the "10FWD" channel that evening from 5CST on to help coordinate instance information and to give directions for any newcomers to DS9/Quarks. Feel free to friend me and ask any questions here

NEW ADDITION: FLEET RECRUITMENT! Is your fleet looking for more? Have a specific need? Feel free to let people know (in a courteous and responsible manner).

If you are recruiting, post your fleet info here and who recruits should look for if interested!


Fleet Name: 10th Expeditionary Fleet
Contact: Asros@mavrixx
Info: Small to medium sized fleet, focusing on RP events, grouped missions, friendly atmosphere and enjoying all STO has to offer.

Fleet Name: Trust
Contact: Varzec@Deffdog
Info: We are a small fleet, looking to grow into a fleet where people can have fun, form long lasting friendships and experience the Star Trek Universe Together.

Fleet Name: Fleet Deludes
Contact: Nyoko@GolbezLunar
Info: Role Playing Combat Fleet. Detacated to bring peace and order back to the Alpha Quadrent

Fleet Name: 169th Heavy Battle Group
Contact: Yaro@SexyWombat or Streen@crazyeyes24
Info: We are a small fleet, that is part of a larger gaming community. We do some RP and we are currently planning some in game events. We are laid back and mature. All types are welcome from the casual gamer to the more power gamer.

Fleet:1st Fist of Light
Contact: Alex@Marshal_Valor
Info: We're an old school RP Guild/Fleet formed in February of 2000, making us 10 years old. We're very much a family group and we do it all. RP, PvP, PvE, you name it we've done it. We like to have a good time together.

Fleet Name: The American Continent Institute
Contact: OR
Info: The American Continent is a growing medium-heavy RP fleet focused on bringing an authentic Star Trek experience to the game. We are quite different than the average "Fleet <insert number here>" and strive to provide a great IC experience at all times

Fleet name: The Hive Mind
Contact: Domino@rockstarL
Info: OOC: We're a small, american-based fleet looking for a few friends to level/RP/PVP/end game with. Looking for players that are interested in staying in-character full time while in-game.

IC: Led by a captured then liberated borg drone, The Hive Mind is looking for captains interested in purging the galaxy of Borg and Klingon scourge.


Also, i have a 25 man vent server as well for use during the event if people are inclined. If there is enough interest, ill post the info.

Post away if you want to come, are going to be recruiting for a fleet, have questions or need info!