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Leader: Hey, you got viral matrix?

Squad: Yeah

Leader: Cool, Everybody got viral matrix?

Squad: *mass answer* yeah!!!

Leader: ok, just target cruisers, since they can't do anything about it since science team is broken right now to remove it. Ignore escorts.. they ignore VM. Just spam VM over and over and over and over.

Lone squad member: Hey,,...I don't have VM..

Everybody: Freaking noob....

I just want to thank every moron, both fed and klingon who decide that they need to have this power as the focus of their strategy. Thank you for using something that is known to be OP right now since 2/3 of the classes that HAVE to use science team are screwed.. since you can't use it once you are hit.. and it is a KNOWN BUG.

Thank you for making this the heart and soul of your game play.

Thank you for wrecking what could be a challenging and fun pvp experience.

Thank you for making pvp que waiting times longer, as people get frustrated and stop queing up.

Thank you. You are awesome!