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02-09-2010, 10:08 AM
Originally Posted by Punkwasher View Post
The borg try to achieve perfection through cybertechnology. I don't think they would even consider Skynet a threat or worth attacking, as a race of machines might kind of represent perfection to the borg. Alternatively, one could ask, who would win, the borg, or the machines from the Matrix? Again, I think the borg would more likely venerate these machines, due to their clever combination of organic lifeforms and cybertechnology. If they choose to assimilate, the earth bound machines might even agree.

Really, they are all machines. The borg have lost any humanity long ago. They are a machine hive mind, just like Skynet and the matrix machines.They probably all think the same, or at least similarly.
I agree. The Borg would want to assimilate Skynet first. Assuming if The Borg were desperate enough.