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02-09-2010, 09:41 AM
Originally Posted by Wheem View Post
Only Birds of Prey and Carriers can get Viral Matrix for the Klingons, and only Science Vessels can for the Federation.

Your gross exaggeration aside, VM can be handled via teamwork, even if Science Team bugs out and doesn't remove it. What can't be handled is overpowered damage (I'm looking at you, Rapid Fire), and absurd stacking of things like Reverse Shield Polarity on Cruisers of both factions. One RSP is perfectly fine, but when you can get 3 of them on one ship, you only have 5 second windows to actually do any damage to a ship. And of course that ship can dish out quite a bit of hurt itself (lol @ Rapid Firing Cruisers that can't be damaged for that long).

Viral Matrix needs to be 100% unremovable by any ability in the game, and have a corresponding reduction in duration. 'Course, it should probably also become a "non-stackable" ability along with RSP and some other stuff, so you can't take 3 copies of it.
since no one plays a raptor then that would mean 100% of Klingons use VM.