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02-09-2010, 12:15 PM
Fanbois trying to apologize for cryptic are hilarious.

Not being able to set auto fire for as many weapons as you want adds nothing to the game except tedium. At least auto fire would give you the option to only set 4 of your 6 phasers to auto fire if you want to watch out for energy drain. Without it, you're just forced to mash space bar.

No sane person pushes 1-8 to fire each of their weapons individually. There is no advantage to doing that and it is just stupid and unrealistic. If they wanted to make us do something like that, they should have let us configure groups of weapons and map them to buttons so i can press 1 to fire phasers 1-4 and 2 to fire the rest.

The reason they removed auto fire from both space and ground strongly sounds like it was due to bugs cryptic didn't feel like fixing and/or couldn't. ie they took the easy and short sighted path.