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I've been trying to do the hide and seek mission for over an hour and a half now and it's impossible. I went to the right system and shot some bad guys, then ran into a ship that needs dilythium crystals, so I have to gather 4 crystals from this nebula. The problem is there is an fleet of ships I can't take on by myself guarding the last crystal. I try to run in and snatch the crystals and run out but when I get close enough the "beam crystals aboard" button does not work. Getting blown up over and over and then going through a nebula at a snails pace over and over again looking for something that I can't even recognize on sight is no fun.

I'm level 4 and this is a level 3 mission. Yeah, maybe I outfit my ship wrong or did my skills wrong, but you can hardly blame me for that if that's the problem. I have no idea how skills or equipment effects combat actions because nobody took 2 minutes to write it down for us. I'm just throwing points around blindly. Bad documentation or no documentation breaks a game just as surely as a downed server.
Hello! I just did this mission. I waited until I was level 5 to do it and it was easy! I suggest going and doing more missions that aren't from Admiral Quinn (he's a SADIST! ... just kidding) and try doing one of the missions for Sulu first.

Regarding combat... when you are close to an enemy ship and target it... check the little... bars or pips... on the enemy portrait. One bar means the ship is the smallest class (and therefore easiest to fight and destroy) and the more bars a ship has, the longer it will take to defeat. When you fly into a group of ships, attack the ships that are little first. This will stop them from hurting you quickly, and the larger ships will be the only thing left attacking you. You will have more time to take them down because you aren't being beaten up by everyone at once.

Skills... yes... they are super confusing. I read this... that at first, all the trees to put skills in are super generic and they don't majorly affect your gameplay.... only when you are higher rank do your skill points start making you more specialized.

So right now, your skill points can be spent like this...

Space combat... or Ground Combat....

Tactical team leader, science team... engineering team... those are ground... if you read the tooltips, they say this.

I put ALL my skill points into the two space weapon types first... energy and projectile. I did this with my science officer and with my tactical officer (I am leveling two characters at once). I did this because it supposedly makes those weapons better. Do I notice a big difference now? No. A little... yes. Then I chose warp core, then engineering. If I still have more points, they will go into ground combat training...

Until I reach Lieutenant Commander, I am just making sure whatever I start, I finish putting points into.... the maximum you can put into one Lieutenant skill tree is 9 points.

Someone mentioned BOs. Those are B ridge O fficers. These guys are the people should have received during some of Sulu's missions, and one from the tutorial. You need one of each kind, at first, so you can have three special powers on the ground... and three separate powers in space. The powers come with the Bridge Officers. You can level the Bridge Officers separately. They have Bridge Officer points. They don't use your skill points. You have to spend 50 BO points to increase one of their powers. I have noticed that power increases just reduce the amount of time between when you use the power and when you can use it again. The powers themselves don't seem to get stronger.

Ok... so good luck.

Also, that last dilithium mine you need to beam up crystals from? That's surrounded by mines, I think. Even if it is just an enemy fleet, just try some of my tips.

There are a couple more tips.... don't use "Full Impulse" all the way until you are within firing range... Full Impulse drains your ship's power... so weapons and shields are not working as well right after you disengage from Full Impulse. Give yourself about 2-3 kilometers for your ship to reroute power to your shields and weapons. Also make sure you check out your energy settings. If you lose shields quickly... boost power to those... if you aren't taking down the enemy's shields fast enough, boost power to weapons. Power changes aren't immediate... they take time to notice their effect.

ALSO. Click the ship icon in at the bottom of your screen if you lose power on one side of your shields.... that is the Distribute All Shield Power command.... it will take power from full shields and even it out over your depleted ones...

There are a bunch more tips but you have some good starting places now....

Damn I hope you check this... I have been typing for a while