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02-09-2010, 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by theroguex View Post
So I had a discussion with the guys on STORP about this, and it pretty much got the same amount of information. It really is true: We know nothing about the seat of power for Starfleet and the capitol of the Federation. lol

I decided to just write my Bio anyway. Finished it, hit 'save,' then got an error telling me that my description was invalid, dumping it all down the drain.

Oh well.
Note pad is your friend. I'm a veteran of far too much 'net stuff. For most interactions typing directly into the client is fine, but for anything you find yourself putting time into, the best bet is to stop, open notepad, copy and continue writing in note pad. So when the client (Web form, game UI, etc) farts up, you've got a copy.

STO Game Client is not to be trusted. I tend to double check everything, just to be sure it will work (Thankfully. One wrong move in the starship customizer can totally fubar the registry, but if you catch it, you can back out and start over.) I'm not griping about it. Just recommending caution for maximum enjoyment.