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02-09-2010, 12:51 PM
Originally Posted by penny22lane View Post
I'm not sure what the problem is ...
Neither are we. She wants to play. She... can't play?

Game Gremlins stole her copy of STO. Until she replies, we'll assume that's the problem.

So here's what you do, OP. You need to get cheese. A lot of cheese. Game Gremlins love cheese. Set it outside their gremlinhole. It looks like a mousehole, but it's shaped like Duke Nukem. Wait for the Game Gremlins to creep out. They're very stupid, they won't see you. Immediately hit them over the head with something heavy and hard. One of them will have your copy of STO in its back pocket. Trust me, they love stuffing things in their back pockets. Retrieve copy of STO from Game Gremlin. Seal up gremlinhole (your local hardware store should sell Duke Nukem-shaped caulk guns). Problem solved.