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# 1 Global Cool Downs
02-09-2010, 01:52 PM
Heres the situation:

My Ship (Science Vessel) has 1 Tac BO, 1 Eng BO, 2 Sci BO.

The Tac BO has Torpedo High Yeild 1

The Eng BO has Eng Team 1

1st Sci BO has Sci Team 1

2nd Sci Bo has Sci Team 2 and Hazard Emitters 1

Why when I click Sci Team 2 does it trigger a global cool down on Eng Team 1? Simple question. But is it a bug or working as intended? I can understand if clicking Sci Team 2 triggers the global cool down on Sci Team 1, but cant figure out why a Science BO skill would trigger the cool down on a Eng BO skill..

Anyone know or have any ideas?