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It's time for me to start looking for a fleet, and right now the most beneficial thing to have a fleet for it seems would be for the pvp. Hands down the feds across the board are TERRIBLE compared to the klingons, and I am losing my mind in random team battles. Klingons are usally well organized, teamed up, and focusing fire.

Feds are usally running around by themselves out of team, or in space 1/1,000,000,000,000 tactical escort captains that chose to fly directly into 4 klingon ships by themselves and die. Escorts, you aren't cruisers...

SO, if you have survived my mini-rant I am looking for a pvp oriented fleet with a fairly large amount of members. I am looking to be able to form pvp groups and work together. It's not the winning that always matters, it's the knowing you gave it your best. I need there to be a large amount of numbers so that finding pvp teams should be easy any time of the day.

If you are interested reply and/or shoot me a pm. Website and vent a plus