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02-09-2010, 02:11 PM
Target self is F1 by default, unless you bound it to somebody else. Clear anything bound to F1 and it will function as target self.

I'd love to see strafing ship but they can't justify a ship moving sideways in ST I think.

Energy presets can be changed to whatever you want, and saved. I use the following to access them:
Shift+1 "genbuttonclick powerlevel_preset_0"
Shift+2 "genbuttonclick powerlevel_preset_1"
Shift+3 "genbuttonclick powerlevel_preset_2"
Shift+4 "genbuttonclick powerlevel_preset_3"
Change to whatever you want and put it in a file, then load it and it will work. I found this on the forums.

Increase/decrease speed is taught to you in the tutorial, its E and Q respectively, which are normally the strafing keys in other MMOs. Press Q again when you're stopped and you hit reverse, Q again stops reverse. Or the other way. I forgot because I'm not ingame right now.

BOs follow you by default, like pets, but you can't select them with keys currently. You can also drag their ground skills to your tray, hit the key, and they will use it on your target. With no target selected you are the default target (Friendly skills only). But it's not really needed since they use their skills without being told.

Set rally point is a click command on the BOs portraits. No idea how to bind a universal one, but it works per BO.

The UI is hidden by default when you press Printscreen. No way to permanently hide it I think.

You can press F12 to move UI elements where ever you want and shrink them out of existence, too, effectively hiding them. The F12 key needs to have nothing else bound to it for this to work. I don't know why you'd want to hide these, though. Immersion? Immersion doesn't justify giving up knowing what's going on in the game though.

As for stuff I'd like to see added:
A working manual Assist command (F does NOT work by default) like Champions, nor does it let you bind one with the options. A bind command could probably do it but I'm lazy.
A bindable manual follow command for both ship and ground in the Options (Not right click follow). I had it working for both ship and player but it stopped working for some reason.
And that's all I got for now.