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02-09-2010, 03:13 PM
Originally Posted by Ankerin
I'll give ya my build. Good dps and healing, semi-controversial, but I believe it to be one of the best possible outfits for a T4 Cruiser.

Weapons: 7 Disruptor Beam arrays
Consoles: 3 EPS Flow Regulators (Engineering), 2 Halon Systems (Science), 2 Disruptor amplifiers (Forget the name, I'm at work - Tactical)

Commander Eng - Engineering Team, Reverse Shield Polarity, Extend Shield II, That crappy Warp plasma thing (get something better if your an engineer)
Lt. Eng - Engineering Team, Extend Shield I
Lt. Science - Hazard Emitters, Feedback Pulse
Lt. Tactical - Beam Overload, Attack Pattern: Beta

Teammates rarely die, you do good dps by only broadsiding and applying AP: Beta while feedback pulsing.

Dammit Rae, why dont you telegraph the entire world with our strategies?

Ok to answer OP, the only decent way to play the game is with a group of player who are willing to theorycraft and play as a team. PuGs will drive you nuts after a while, find yourself a decent fleet. Remember, the key to the game is support and focus fire. You need to kill the enemies with your abilities before they kill a single member of your team.