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and I had an unusual idea.

I run dual monitors on my computer and also run STO in windowed mode since it's easier to recover if it happens to explode on me.

So I'm sitting there in sector space and had an idea to just see what would happen if I dragged the window across both my monitors. Would it crash? Would it stretch everything out of scale and look horrid? Would it just not render on my second screen?

So I grabbed the edge of the window and dragged away, reaching the other end of the second monitor I let go and poof.

Not only did it continue to render across both screens and not lose more than a handful of fps but it SCALED!!!

At this point two things happened. One, I wet myself a little. Two, I immediately began my search for a triple monitor configuration since having your ship split between two monitors was just not going to work.

So. Anyone have an suggestions on a triple monitor gaming rig?