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02-09-2010, 02:47 PM
Originally Posted by Aisling
I now want to another monitor... just to see this,

Was there alot of dead space between the two monitors ingame? I mean I know youre going to have a physical split between the two monitors, but could you still see well enough, or did you end up running into walls or ships that you couldn't see?
No dead space. My ship was split right down the middle with about an inch separation between the two halves.

Take a photograph and cut it right down the middle then separate them about an inch. You don't lose any of the image you just have an inch gap down the middle.

It really was impressive. For a short time I had the equivalent of a 38 inch wide screen (2x 19" monitors). Plus it actually scaled correctly and gave me a much greater field of view. I could see from one side of the sector block to the other in front of me.