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02-09-2010, 04:40 PM
Thx but some words ...

What you said about F1/self-targeting does not work in space. It's even not possible to select my ship as target by klicking it.

Strafing is implemented by holding both mouse buttons. But I think that's unpratical, therefore key-bindings would be good.

Problem with increase/decrease throttle is that it's not dynamic but in steps of a quarter. I would like to see dynamic keys.

It's true that BOs follow by default but the problem is here that, after they were fixed at a rallypoint, I have to rightklick a small symbol so that they follow me again. Would be better to have a key for this.

Some UI elements can be shrinked, some not. But that's not a solution because would be good if I can e.g. toggle the quest helper on and off. In beta there was a button for minimize the minimap, that's also a solution but they removed that.
I want to see as amuch from the gameworld as possible, therefore I want to hide all expendable ui-windows. It would be really great if I could toggle on/off any UI window individual.