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02-09-2010, 03:51 PM
Short Term
  • Overhaul the Power Store - Seriously, Ground vs. Space, then by BO career.
  • Server Stability/Login Errors (ongoing, I know, but probably my #1 gripe right now)
  • Transwarp to different locations, at least 1 per sector block OR at least allow us to go back through our wormhole to the place we left.
  • Teams of 5 should create their own instance of exploration and defense missions. Defend the X sector missions should not divide up the team among 3 different instances
  • fix some character animations - backwards running targ are just weird.
  • be able to allocate a communications officer who always relays data from the ship. Why is my first officer telling me stuff when she is right next to me?
  • Add sound effects when you get hailed from the ship or another NPC
  • Continue rebalancing combat to be a tad more challenging
  • Improve descriptions in every way. If I look at a mission, I should know what system, in what sector block, and what the rewards are.

Medium Term
  • Add varied missions that are more challenging, non combat, diplomatic, or quest based. More exploration.
  • Add missions with a potential for failure, timers
  • Add missions where piloting matters (avoid the asteroids, etc)
  • Add missions where targeting doesn't work, or cat and mouse with a single ship (a'la Kirk v. Kahn, Mutara Nebula)
  • Add recurring villains, continue with rich storylines like City on the Edge . . .
  • Add more ship customization - no one wants flying carrots, but we should be able to choose things like Over-Under nacelles, etc.
  • Add active ship abilities to every class (as the science vessels now)
  • Allow BO Skill points to be banked, so you don't lose them. You earned them after all.
  • Separate BO skill points into ground points and space points which are earned in their respective missions. That way, you can spend points in a more realistic manner.

Long Term
  • The game itself is out of scale, I understand the rush to get you behind the wheel of a starship quick, but I really believe you should be given the choice in the beginning of running into a hangar bay and choosing between a Runabout and a Delta Flyer, and that's where you should have started, with 1 weapon slot in the nose and that's it. Make getting a starship a BIG deal, not just a prize in the bottom of a crack 'r jack box. Then move onto a single nacelle ship like the Kelvin from ST (2009), then to a Miranda
  • As stated before add more inherent ship powers. This can more easily justify ship class additions, not to mention adding an additional element into the class/ship choices.
  • Add hybrid ship classes, such as the ability to go Light Cruiser all the way up or speedy Scout ships or even massive Dreadnoughts.
  • add endgame content of colonization, first contacts, starbase construction.
  • Add cardassian/romulan as playable factions with both PvE and PvP content.
  • Add access to Delta Quadrant, etc.
  • Add holodeck missions.
  • Add missions to repel boarders, to board your enemy's vessel, and then have to choose between leaving your BO to man the bridge, or to repel boarders