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02-09-2010, 05:02 PM
I can definitely self target myself in space. Make sure you go to Options and clear the key bind for F1 and this will work. Either that or it's a client side bug for you.....

That's not really strafing though, more like making the ship turn with the camera direction, and should really be default. An always face forward option for space is missing.

Define dynamic. You mean the longer you hold it down the more it goes up or down? That amount of finetuning is limited to mouse only so far.

If they would fix pathing for pets for both STO and CO, rally points would not really be needed, but that is a valid point.

They removed a bunch of sttuff, actually, like the choose instance when zoning option. The down arrow on the minimap is a copout to somebody not having time to make buttons for each of these functions (Like CO has). Lack of a close quest tracker button is a step backward from CO, too. As for making a toggle for anything to not be shown, that would require completely reworking the UI rearrange mode to allow you to tell the stuff to not show (Like a "is visible" checkbox on each element). Also expendable is in the eye of the beholder. I personally cannot go without the minimap, exp bar, current equipped weapon, or the quest tracker.

Good ideas overall, but unfortunately they have a ton of gameplay bugs to work on before focus gets funneled more to "quality of life" stuff like this. Sad, but true. I seem to recall they did say there would be "quality of life" changes coming soon in a State of the Game post, though.