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02-09-2010, 05:18 PM
Short Term:
1. Fix firing of ground weapons, either reinstate auto fire or allow for when fire button is pressed the weapon fires once the cool down is complete. Currently using pistol type weapons is a pain, as they don't respond correctly to key commands.
2. Fix Bridge Officer pathing, so they don't get stuck in doorways.
3. Fix disappearing commands from the tool bars.

Mid Term:
1. Allow switching of stored costume/uniform choices through the character screen, instead of having to visit a tailor on a starbase.
2. Locking Toolbars, so items can not be accidentally dragged off of them.
3. More costume/uniform slots. I have four unique costume choices but only 2 slots to save costumes.
4. Allow saving of uniforms only so we can have Bridge officers in the exact same uniform.
5. Balance rewards from Fleet Actions so not just the highest level ship or heaviest armed escort get the top place all the time.

Long Term
1. More complicated ground missions.
2. More clothing options.
3. More ship interior spaces.
4. View screen on bridge shows representation of ship's current location. If near a planet, shows ship in orbit, at a station, shows station, in sector space, shows star field, etc.
5. Tool kit for player created holo-deck/suite programs.