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02-09-2010, 04:21 PM
Originally Posted by MacLeod
FYI - Maratime Tradition (And there is presedance in ST Canon) if your "In Charge (i.e. placed in command)" of a commissioned vessel either Military or Civilian your are "Addressed" as Captain despite your Rank something Cryptic research failed to Uncover
Regardless of rank, when you are exercising your command (on your ship or with your away team), then you are addressed as Captain. This applies to the personnel under your direct command (ship's crew) and any passengers that may be on board your ship.

However, it is not necessary for persons outside that scope to address you as Captain, and addressing you by your rank is completely appropriate. Also, on board your ship, higher ranking officers are not required to address you as Captain, however they can do so out of respect for your position and command. And I would dare any (rank) Commander to correct an Admiral on their bridge when that Admiral decides to address them by their actual rank and not their granted position.

(As an aside, Admirals/Generals are, for the most part, very cognizant of tradition. From personal experience, they also tend to be a lot more human than officers of lower rank. When I was an enlisted member of the USAF, some of the most engaging and down-to-earth conversations I ever had where with officers of flag rank. They tend to recognize you as a person, it seemed.)