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02-09-2010, 04:26 PM
Let me start by saying that I'm really digging what you folks have cooked up thus far. Some really beautiful star systems, nebulas and planet-side environments out there. And the space combat and ground combat framework is pretty solid. But here are some things that I think could really add some polish to the game flavor and really evolve the gameplay into something with even more immersion.

Short Term:
-Please let my female characters have access to the Classic TOS miniskirt/minidress uniform options that I supposedly got as part of my D2D deluxe edition. I see the shirts and rank/emblems available, but that classic miniskirt/minidress for female characters is not in there (that I'm seeing).
-Auto-holster weapons in safe/civilian areas by default. (for the folks who posted about integrating holstering weapons, check your keybinds, it's been in there since beta)
-Some sort of progress tracking in Memory Alpha. I've no idea what I need to do to unlock the rest of the stations. Better yet, get rid of the requirement to build X components with Y person to unlock Z person altogether. I've got tons of data samples in my stash and have better equipment from missions or drops than the choices that I have to build with the initial person... so I can blindly waste my data samples to unlock Z person, or else simply let me shop around and see what they all have to offer or something.

-Make tutorial skippable for Federation alts with something like the Klingon character start package once you've reached X level.
-Let you attach items to mail to send that nifty kit you found to your alt, etc.
-Implement some sort of policy on reducing the credit-spammers & power-leveling spammers. We've got the report spam option, and I've been using it liberally... thanks for the auto-ignore when reporting spam. Saves me a step.

-Space... the final frontier... I agree with many of the previous posts as far as ideas about expanding the space exploration portion of the game. That's ultimately what this is all about. The storyline combat sections of the game are fun and fine as is, but let's see a more involved aspect of active space exploration. These could be party-instanced so that you still get your MMO party fix, but striking out to explore whole systems. New alien lifeforms and civilizations to contact, and the intrigue of coming into contact with them and their various plots... preferably more original series style content in this vein.
-Branching storyline / dialogue choices... negotiation, diplomacy, intrigue... allow me to make meaningful choices in the progress of the mission which may affect its outcome.
-Perhaps change the space travel interface from a 3rd person system map to doing all space travel from my bridge... give it a purpose other than as a hangout. If I pop into combat, then you can pop me out of my bridge and back into 3rd person view. While we're on that topic, perhaps let me explore my ship. Let me have adventures on my ship. I picked up some weird hitchhiker while moving through system X, and now something wonky is happening upon my ship that I have to deal with. Let me interact with my bridge officers.

Some food for thought.