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02-09-2010, 05:26 PM
Short Term

As everyone elses, also please fix the ground glitch where my character seems to automatically target an enemy even though I have not presses anything or told it to attack

Medium Term

Here's what I wrote in another thread about having in-ship missions, apart from just being able to walk around in it.

1) The obvious boarding parties, you have to capture/kill them before they sabotage your ship
2) Again with sabotage, we know there are a lot of romulan or cadasian etc spies in Starfleet, they can sabotage your ship and you then have to fix it.
3) Something I want in game, to sabotage your own ship in a minor way and then you get to see an engineer come and repair it and be in a grumpy mood
4) Go to sickbay and have to assist the EMH or Dr in creating an antdote or combat a virus.
5) Just walk about talk to your crew
6) Holodeck
7) Go to Engineering and save the ship from a Warp core breach
8) Relax in your quarters
9) Go see the ship counciller
10) Reallign and modify the ships defelctor dish to emit a pulse in order to kill disable something etc

Long Term

Well this is actually a complete overhaul but I think would make the game better: a guild ship.

They really should have made it so that you need x amount of players on a ship for it to function. and that the captain must earn their way to it. Or maybe kindda like a guild, the guild master is the captain and members of the guild can be officers on the ship. Make it a bit like Lost, where an engineer must press this button every x hours in order to vent the warp plasma, otherwise it can cause a breach.

And when it somes to battles, you have the main ppl on the bridge fighting other ships, whilst you have other people to be on alert to either force out boarding parties or having to reroute power to fix a breach, or have to fix an eps conduit to restore power to some weapons etc.

SO a guild can have more than one ship and people can transfer from one to another, or even how about owning your own guild starbase when you have a large enough guild and credits.