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02-09-2010, 04:30 PM
Outstanding thread!


1) Improved tooltips, descriptions, and "flavor text" for pretty much everything. This, to me, is the lifeblood of immersion. "+12 sensor probes" does nothing for me, but a couple-sentence description of how "this console is designed to optimize the long-range study of phenomena in situations that either do not warrant or are too hazardous for a starship to approach" is pretty slick. Uncommon and rare consoles can even have bits of lore attached to them -- "one of only a handful built by the fleet yards at Utopia Planetia," or "designed by former USS Enterprise Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott." This would do so much for the game. Really!\

2) The elimination of bugs such as the Warzone/Borg Hunt bug, or the Psi Velorum patrol mission bug.

3) I would love it if bridge officers would follow suit when I holstered my weapon, and if weapons were automatically holstered when beaming to friendly locations.


1) The addition of additional crafting mechanics -- whether it be "Scotty crafting," whereby resources and items are consumed when your Engineer temporarily buffs or repairs a ship system, or a more conventional but no less awesome crafting system along the lines of Star Wars: Galaxies, this game begs for a full, rich, and engaging crafting system. Memory Alpha is a start. It can't be the finish. Crafting is one of the best, most cost-effective ways to lend an MMO longevity and fun. It's something that can be worked on almost continually by players. Enriching it is as simple as scattering new recipes in along with a patch.

2) Improved variety and depth of PvP, PvE and "off-duty" content for all factions, including non-combat and exploratory missions. Surprise us with strange anomalies or more distress calls. Give us moral dilemmas. Give us a Kobayashi Maru.

3) Additional starship customization options -- more canonical and non-canonical pieces for all factions -- player and NPC alike. Right now, there are a large number of options... but we need to encounter more variety, particularly among NPC critters and starships.


1) A dynamic, strategic system of long-term PvP and PvE territory and objectives. Think the SFC dynaverse, on steroids. I want to read a message that K-7 has fallen to the Klingon Empire, and that a fleet is massing near Risa to retake it. I want to feel like my actions, or lack of actions, matter in the grand scheme of the game. Space would feel bigger, more alive, and more dangerous.

2) Additional fully-realized factions, with storylines and complete, compelling gameplay. It's ambitious, but I have faith that Cryptic can make it so. I want to be a Tal Shiar operative, or an idealistic Cardassian Gul looking to restore the Union.

3) Sensors, tricorders, minigames, and ship interiors. All of these are vital to deep immersion. Let us scan anything. Let us go to engineering. Let us really involve ourselves in this world you've created.