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02-09-2010, 04:33 PM
Short -
Fixing graphical glitches
Creating a minor skill differences between Engineer, Scientist and Tactical in space (Just bump down one skill to level 5 would be nice)
Better customized tool bars (I would love option 3 but I want to keep my BO's there without ruining the UI's sleekness)

Medium -
Giving the RPers a slight break. There are like 4 different emotes for sitting in a chair, even then you have to get into the right position in order to do it. Would it be possible to make certain objects intractable so it's easier to get things looking right?
Detailed in-game breakdown of what things do.
How do the skills effect lower levels? If they have to spend 6,700 points on skills they would normally like to know exactly how it effects them in the future (Or in the now). For example, what exactly does the tactical team captain thing do.... Especially when your in a full group?

Long -
Who doesn't love free content?
Player created content
PvP 'deathmatch' missions that group the people up better (For example, one set spawn point in a protected area). Being on your own usually leads to a horrible death against the "winning" grouped up party