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02-09-2010, 04:39 PM
Short term:
- A description of the many skills, attributes, item bonusses etc. is very much needed.
- A lot of game/interface elements are unexplained. For example, why do some star systems have white buttons, while other star systems have black buttons?

Ingame maps:
- The map interface currently feels very cluncky overall. I think the system list tab should be removed and its functionality included in the area/galaxy maps. Or at the very least, make the system list span multiple columns. I shouldn't have to scroll the list if there's plenty of free space on the tab.
- Make the galaxy map interactive. Add the ability to zoom in on other sector blocks to see what systems are in there.
- Add the ability to plot a course across sector blocks.
- Add labels on the ground maps for known locations, such as starbases. For Earth Spacedock, that would mean labeling the areas such as Exchange, Ship Requisitions, etc.

Exchange interface:
- Make the results sortable.
- I want to be able to search for "Some Rifle Mk II" (Mark 2) without seeing "Some Rifle Mk III" (Mark 3) in the results. An option to do an exact name search would solve this.

Mid term:
- Earth looks gorgeous from space. I wonder what it looks like when I beam down to the surface...
- Ship interiors. I would to love see my own ship from the inside.
- More random events (distress calls etc). This should make the galaxy feel (even) more alive.

Long term:
- More mission variaty, such as missions that involve diplomacy, making choices.
- In-ship missions.
- Free exploration of systems without needing to be on a mission.
- Scanning. Why not get a radar like view of all anomalies/entities when I press the scan button, instead of it pointing to a random anomaly. I would also like to see detailed scans of anything I can target.