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Originally Posted by CAPTWinters
That's the thing though,I thought Janeway fixed all that. Then again, the Undine are using Federation citizens to attack the other governments, so although not an overt attack against the Federation, but it would make the Federation look bad with the other governments. Someone ought to go find Boothby and ask him nicely for them to cut it out already
Janeway had managed to calm down that particular group of Undine/8472's.
The boothby pretender said he was going to speak to the others, but that he "hoped" some would see the light.
But from the looks of STO it seems as if he failed and the rest of them did not agree that humans were not a threat.


In one of the captain missions you learn that the Unidine are actually only causing trouble because they still think that the other races pose a threat to them.
One specificly plans to blow up DS9 as a warning to all the other races to stay out of their realm.
So once again its not that they are maleovelant, but extreme fear.