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02-09-2010, 06:53 PM
Originally Posted by Punkwasher View Post
I never liked how Voyager resolved itself anyway. I mean, the borg are by far the coolest enemies in Star Trek and to kill them off and replace them with a lame bio race from another dimension? Come on... you can't kill the borg off that easy.

It just felt like they were trying to artificially create a worse enemy.
they didn't kill off the borg though. if anything it was an extremely farfetched contrivance used to introduce seven's character, rather then make a more powerful enemy.

and think about it from the fear standpoint mentioned. the borg could not defeat the undine by themselves. other races seemed to cower before the borg and i am sure the undine noticed, and yet this "inferior race" that could not even defeat the borg managed to develop a weapon that the undine, who were beating the borg, could not defend against.

if an "inferior" race can figure out a way to defeat you, wouldn't you be fearful of them in the future?