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02-09-2010, 07:28 PM
Originally Posted by Cruz09
okay, so here's the thing: when i try to bind via the options menu in the game, i find that i'm unable to bind to most buttons on my controller. IE: I assigned .throttleadjust .25 to my lstick up just to see if it was working, and it was fine... however, when i try the same for joypad_up it doesnt even register. Same goes for most of my buttons. I checked functionality of the controller through windows and all buttons are in proper working order when I test them. Any ideas?
You WILL NOT be able to bind in the keybindings menu in the current version of the game.

As it stands, support for the controller is unofficial, and functionality is limited. Some inputs, like the sticks, will register in the /bind menu, but most will not. assignments to the buttons must be made manually in the chat window as described in Ko's original post.

OR, you can load the /bind files I have made as shown on pg3 of this post.