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02-09-2010, 08:59 PM
Originally Posted by Catsmeat
I bought a lifetime sub.

I wouldn't be bothered in the least if it was for sale.

I bought the lifetime figuring its less expensive in the long haul as opposed to buying to stroke my ego or have exclusive access to things others may not have.

My hope is that everything is for sale in the C-store eventually so no one is gimped in doing what they'd like to do.
I agree with this... One of the things that really ticks off a lot of players of Star wars Galaxies is all the exclusive content that they will never get that was released with varrious retail versions of the game or its expansions. Now I firmly believe that the special collectors items should remain unique, as in maybe having more customizable color regions than a standardized C-Store version. Or maybe a completely different skin on the same model. Or maybe it just gives no stat bonuses...