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02-09-2010, 10:40 PM
Originally Posted by Lotti
BoP = Federation escort with same damage potential, cloak, more agility, more speed and ability to act as support / debuff - they can just switch BrOffs when not under attack!

Battle Cruiser = Fed cruiser with no weapon restrictions and a not flying brick turn rate.

Noo we are not OP at all... Feds just gotta adapt and make use of better tactics. There's nothing that says we'll still totally outperform them using the same tactics as them since our ships are just better overall.

People complaining about science vessels are simply doing so because their BoP teammates on the Klingon side were too dumb to switch to Science BrOffs to act like support when needed. Are you people saying that Klingons needs to keep dem better ships to compensate for their intelligence and lack to tactics?
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