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02-10-2010, 12:08 AM
As a relatively peripheral participant of this conversation, I'd like to ask some things of preceding contributors in this thread. I am (presumably) comparatively inexperienced for MMO exposure--My highest-leveled WOW character is at 35--but if the positions in this thread (that indicate lifetime subscription refunds are justified) are valid, then I suspect Atari and Cryptic would require more information that supports these requests.

@Thadios I call on you for a response on account of the generalization of your input to this discussion: "I am simply stating here that I too am asking for a refund based upon the promises we were told during the game creation, which they failed to follow through with, and which many players have only recently realized."

I am in a position to speculate what the respective Promises that this accusation offers are, I must admit. However, I trust that the proposals in this forum that suggest a refund of this nature is appropriate will be met with a healthy argument by an entity that has potentially impervious and objective information that will impugn an allegation that the transaction (purchasing the lifetime subscription) is unfair in any way.

I would like to challenge those that authentically trust their refund requests are valid to adduce your case to the Star Trek Online end-user community. If you are entitled to receive money back that you invested in a product's service that will last until the game availability expires, I would like to know whether the conviction justifies a cancellation of Star Trek Online. Please, help a fellow community member out by explaining why you are requesting this refund so that I can make a more education decision.