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02-10-2010, 01:00 AM
Originally Posted by KaosGladiator View Post
Well some women look at you using the game and blowing time in it as cheating on them as now they have competition with a machine. Honestly man from what you describe fire the dead weight as it just sounds like she's hanging on so you pay her way.

REGARDLESS of the situation there shouldn't be a negative tone coming from someone you want to spend your life with. That only happens when a person changes their mind and feels trapped or stuck.

Good luck on whatever you decide. With 8.9 women to every one man on the planet. If she wants to leave or some petty video game, I'd get up walk over to the door and open it then sit back down.

That's just me though. You are thee only one who can decide what's best for you. Seems like though you're looking for approval and not guidance.
What he said. If you give in to the nagging, it'll be a sign to her that nagging is the way to get you to do things, and she'll be nagging you for the rest of your life. Put a stop to this asap! Whether you make her ask nicely or get a divorce is entirely up to you. In favor of your kids, I'd try getting her to ask nicely first.