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02-10-2010, 01:21 AM
Originally Posted by GenTechJ View Post
I have to say, from a serious point of view: If she's threatening divorce over a game, I'm sorry friend, but there's some larger issues going on there. I could understand if you were one of those super-addicted players in the sense that anything that wasn't the game didn't matter. But you're obviously not one of those players.

As you said, this isn't even the tip of a really nasty iceberg.

Even though the father in me wants to agree with the above poster on trying to fix things for the kids, the realistic side of me says that's a horrible reason to force a marriage or any kind of relationship to work. If there's the possibility of ending it before it gets worse, and being able to stay civil with her, that is the better situation for the kids. Forcing a relationship for the sake of the kids is not only doomed to failure, but frequently ends with some serious issues for the children as well.

Now, to save face and keep people thinking I'm the random crazy happy go-lucky person I come out to be, eat more bees.
You pretty much said what I was about to type out.

To the poster all I will add though is try and spend some time with her to see what else she feels is happening. Perhaps it has built up over time and the 'game' is the last straw. I have done something similar in the past at work where I have snapped at a guy for telling a joke about me that normally I would have laughed at but having spent the day slowly stressing out it caused me to shout at him. I apologised to him and things went back to normal but I realised where I went wrong and resolved it.

Perhaps it is something similar with your wife. Perhaps over the years little things that have happened either by direct fault of yourself, your chldren, her job, her friends, her family, your family etc have been building up to the point that the dam is fit to burst and you go and spend more time on a game than with her ( I assume the latter as my boyfriend does the same thing, I solve the problem by playing with him )