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02-10-2010, 02:58 AM
Originally Posted by Satcong
French dude here, you can lecture me when you can type perfect French. English mother tongue people should just be happy to actually be able to read what French/German/Dutch/Swedish/etc. people post. Just be glad we're not like the Russians in WOW who have 0 interest in communicating in English.
Very reasonable point, I continue to be thoroughly impressed with the quality of English I hear spoken by people for whom it is not their native language. I spent many years at school learning French, and I would say that I am capable of understanding it when written to a reasonable level, but nowhere near well enough to be able to converse in it as fluently as some converse in English. My personal problem is with English people, people who I interact with every day, making no attempt whatsoever to speak properly. A lot of the foreign students where I work make more of an effort than the native students. We have expectiations of foreign students to learn to speak Engligh to a high standard. Should we not have the same expectations of the students who grew up speaking it? That said, if I understand the message I usually won't go out of my way to correct spelling. I will simply have a small nerdrage quietly to myself and then move on. It's not that big a deal really.

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