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02-10-2010, 02:00 AM
Originally Posted by oplaid View Post
Part of the problem with the Raptor and the Fed Escort is the lack of options with Tactical Officers. If Tactical had a Lt. Comm. survivability cooldown it'd help those ships quite a bit. Right now the BoP is better in almost every way than the Raptor and part of that is because it's so much more survivable due to the option to use any BO.

Granted this wouldn't fix the problems for Escorts entirely but I think it'd make a big difference, giving them an ability only they (and the BoP and Carrier) can use for utility, not just damage.
I think you are correct there needs to be a TAC/defensive option - maybe something that increases miss % by an amount variable with ship 'size'?
- it wouldn't work for cruisers/science/carriers, but they don't have a massive problem with survivability.
- maybe make it disable battle cloak for 30 seconds to make it bird-of-prey unfriendly.
- ideally make it scale from an ensign ability up to commander or whatever.
- make it only effective against beams/cannons or something?

[I'd also recommend nerfing the heck out of rapid fire...]