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02-10-2010, 02:29 AM
Originally Posted by Kokkolo View Post
Anyone got any comments about ship career combinations or is this much more open than the Fed side?
I haven't played Fed except to get to Klingon but I believe both are rather open ended. The BoP is a very versatile ship (Universal BO slots--can be Eng ship or Sci vessel, or DPS). It's still early. Even Beta testers don't know what many skills really do or actually affect in the game. Give it some more time. There will be guides.

Originally Posted by Grallen
( fix space who's Hairbrain idea to limit space , your fired.)

360 get a clue

Fix the chat, OMG i dont want to here the Enemy
I don't know if the engine can support 360, but surely one should be able to point and go straight up.

I don't mind enemy chat. It entertains me