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02-10-2010, 04:03 AM
The only reason I see to increase the tactical team leader skill is if your captain is a tac officer, as this boosts several of the tactical captain abilities, for example, attack pattern alpha's percentage damage increase modifiers go up. However if you are a science or engineering captain I'd say this skill is useless.

The damage increase gained from using a tactical team isn't typically significant enough to merit the global cooldown it incurs on your other crew abilities (specificially engineering team and science team). The only time I ever used tactical team was for maximizing my burst damage when the crystalline entity was a 20 second battle that gave the blue item to which ever tac captain blew all their self buffs and bashed the spacebar like a jackrabbit on crystal meth. Of course now the cystalline entity coughs up a blue to whoever correctly times the full impulse -> evasive maneuvers -> ramming speed combo properly lol.