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02-10-2010, 05:04 AM
Originally Posted by ProfessorSTAFF
Do people tend to beam down with Medical Officers? If so, what do you normally train them in?

I'm trying to decide between a purely medical-trained BO, and a Science Officer with just a medical tricorder.
I have 1 specialized in only medic abilities and I have another science officer with me for debuffing.
My standard away team set up is:
- Me (science - doctor specced, but usually debuffing with the kit for more exposes, 2x exploit weapons)
- Medic officer (medic abilities, expose weapon)
- Science officer (ranged debuff abilities, expose weapon)
- Engineer officer (ranged regenerate abilities and close range defense abilities (mines), exploit weapon)
- Tactical officer (specialized in melee attacks, expose weapon)

Most my team is basicly for melee damage, but if a bad guy comes through my defenses then my tactical and engineer sort him out.

Generally I don't have much problems with beating groups, not even if I accidently get 2 more groups on me then planned. Infact, occasionally I 1 shot 4 guys at the same time, leaving only 1 npc left to fight off, which we make quick work off.
I have to say though that about 75% of the game I played with an engineer friend.

Btw, my medic is wearing the teal colours, while the science has the blue colours in the uniform.