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02-10-2010, 04:41 AM
Originally Posted by Rasmussen View Post
Please continue to use it, its rather useless, you only manage to Scramble the carriers and the repair bots, neither of which hinders our dps or survivablility.

There seems to be some glaring omissions in Fed builds/strategy when it comes to attacking carriers, several BO skills are ideally suited for the task, yet are never employed.
I will continue to use it thanks...

It's funny cuz due to their size, scramble sensors will affect every bloody klink in a radius of almost 8km...

I seriously couldn't care less about the evil lag swarm. they cause lag more than any sort of damage

And about lack of strategy - quite true - I really haven't noticed one is needed. Won alot of T5 games now, and in all of them the best strategy is to completely ignore carriers, always dps the bops first, and whenever we got time, just go blow the carriers away. profit