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02-10-2010, 05:10 AM
What are your guys thoughts on this? I am just wondering and pondering mind you:

Granted Klingons are known for the cannons and the cannons are shweeet up close, but we also know the Raptor get mauled up close and the BOP seems to play a better role in tight as its turn rate allows the cannons to be FAR more efftective and with the battle cloak it has a significant advantage in an escape mechanism.

With that in mind, do you think the Raptor could be effective if geared for more long range combat?
Perhaps a beam escort or other weapons that are more effective from the outside? BOP's mixing it up in close, Raptors with long range fire power out at the long perimeter shooting in?

Of course a fed may disengage from the mass melee as it were to come get the raptor but that now turns into more of a one on one or two on one which the Raptor might stand a lot longer against, BOP's can support the Raptor then if a fed or two disengages to go after it way out on the edge etc etc.

Just looking for thoughts on this.