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02-10-2010, 06:43 AM
Originally Posted by Acehilator View Post
They should give subsystem targeting to Raptors and Escorts.
I'm not sure Escorts need anything extra - they're popular enough on the Fed side because they're a hard-hitting, agile ship.

The problem Raptors have is that ALL of the Klingon ships (apart from the carrier) are hard-hitting, agile ships. The Raptor doesn't have anything that Birds of Prey and Battle Cruisers don't (apart from an extra low-rank tactical station that isn't that desirable).

Maybe if Raptors had an innate bonus like reduced torpedo cooldown, or faster power transfer to weapons to represent the fact that they're engineered as gunboats rather than being built for stealth or survivability. I could live with Escorts getting the same ability in the interests of fairness.