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02-10-2010, 06:48 AM
I saw what appeared to be a T3 Fed Cruiser with a *lot* of turrets on, I mean.. Hed circle the fight and those turrets just completely ra*ed my shields (K't'inka MK VI Resilient... 3300ish HP IIRC)

Anyone have experience with a full turretloadout? Ive considered trying it before, but looked at the 105 badge per turret and thought "Erm, LOT of PvP for something that might not work"

The 360 degree full coverage from 6 turrets *sounds* nice though

If it *does* have merit, what would be the ideal BO setup, rapidfire is a given, but in place of the HYT?

(At work so cant fiddle loadouts/skills atm, just want some general opinions)

*Edit* Just thought... 6 phaserturrets at rapidfire, each with a 5% chance to drop a system, theoretically it should give a pretty darn big chance of disabling something.. And what about plasmas? do the dot stack?