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02-10-2010, 06:52 AM
Originally Posted by Dekkameron View Post
Yes please, i would like a universal LT commander spot in the T4.
As others have pointed out, the Raptor already is the equivalent of the Federation Escort. Plus cloaking device.

So if we were to go down that route (which I'm not really opposed to, mind), we would have to walk it for every ship class there is. Which would be any developer's nightmare, TBH.

Speaking of which (the developer's nightmare), I would absolutely love to see Negh'var weapon slots to be 5 fore/3 aft (Vor'cha 5/2, K'tinga left at 4/2). Would reflect well on Klingon combat doctrine, IMHO, with firepower maxed in the fore quarter, while being susceptible to exploitation from abeam and astern.

Still, it'd be a developer's nightmare (3rd time I mention this) balancing all the game aspects, especially considering Federation cruisers are totally gimped compared to their Klingon counterparts, at the moment anyways.

Whoops, offopic.

The problem with universal officer slots is how to put them in line with the other tiers. Where does it come from, and where does it end?

Of course, one could add another BO slot with tier 2 and have it progress to LtC in tier 4 - and that's borderline too much! The problem I see with this setup is the fact I could then be good at just about everything. Escorts with another 3 Engineering/Science abilities...srsly.

On second thought, a T5 cruiser with 10 Engineering abilities...gimme!

Permaspammed Engineering Team, RSP and EmPTS. Yeah, fun. At least Feds could tank that way. :p

And everyone will be running around with VM then. >.<

At the very most, give every ship class a universal Ensign at tier 2 or 3, and have it peak out as an Lt in tier 4. Any more would just be overkill.

If you make ship classes too similar to each other, there's no point in variety anymore. Why put up with the seriously gimped cruisers (Fed!) when you might as well sit in an Escort with 4-5 Engineering abilities compared to a cruiser's 7 or 8?