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02-10-2010, 06:56 AM
as a raptor pilot that t5 ensign tacticle slot is a problem, but not a game breaker for the raptor. That slot should be changed to engineer or sci to be in line with the federation escorts, my prefered choice is science. The raptor problem is mindset. People are in the mindset that raptors are useless so team mates will not actively heal you in combat as much as they would a cruiser or bop in higher tiers. DMG wise raptor will always do more if the situtations are equal due to the extra tactical consoles to further boost dmg in the higher tiers, but the situations are not equal.

And as for the feddie whining about how cloak stops focus fire on raptors, go fly a raptor, i get focused fire when im recognized as flying a raptor.

IN the end my opinion on the raptor is yes it needs a small tweek to that t5 ensign boff slot, but universal is not the answer. The majority of what the raptor needs is more utilization and less people saying theres no point for a raptor compared to the bop. In my opinion, if you are using 2 tacts, 1 sci, and 1 engineer slot in your bop, and your tacts are the higher grade officer, you should give raptor a try.