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02-10-2010, 06:25 AM
Originally Posted by Lx31
So, as we all know STO has crashing issues with drivers. I use windows 7 64bit with an nvidia GTS 250. I started getting the same crashing issues in left 4 dead 2, and other various games I never did before playing STO. I tried all sorts of tweaks and workarounds but no luck. So one day I say "#$%^ it" and uninstall anything Nvidia. After the computer reboots, windows installs the last known driver certified and compatible.

This old ass driver here... from back in 7/13/2009 has not crashed once. Not in STO, or anything else. STO complains every time I start it up that I'm using old drivers, but I ignore it. The game runs great now and Nvidia can kiss my grits. Their drivers suck, and might be hurting STO sales because people don't know why they are crashing. It's the drivers... plain and simple.
I have a GTS 250 and never crash and haven't had any problems since launch. I'm also using Windows 7 64bit HP.

So the chances are the problem is something do with your computer.